by karen on September 28, 2011

Much debate continues to rage about whether negative PR via social media can be ‘controlled’ and how best to deal with it. Despite carefully targeted volumes of positive PR, no-one can really ‘control’ what is said about their business or brand out there.

However, by your response, you can influence how positively people are motivated to talk about it going forward. In the event of a negative experience, the focus needs to be on communication; understanding the problem, a pro-active response, an apology/offer to put matters right and a general focus on damage limitation.

As this ‘Fail Trail’ slideshow from Alterian (see link below) usefully demonstrates, it is far more beneficial to your business or brand’s reputation to address any negative feedback with a measured and positive response, than to ignore it, hoping it will go away, or to risk a delay in responding which could cause further damage.

We can all learn something from which potential course of action each brand takes, and the outcome this achieves for them and their business reputation in the longer term.
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